40+ Easy Holiday Cookies and treats

It’s officially cookie season and kitchens everywhere are filled with the smell of holiday cookies baking.  Here you will find over 40 Easy Holiday Cookies and Treats to adorn your cookie platter with or share as gifts. I hope you will be inspired to try something new this year too as well as indulge in some holiday classics!

Recipe Round Up of 25 Must Try Holiday Cookies

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Everyone has something to offer at Christmas to the family to help spread some holiday cheer whether it be the one who does the shopping, those who do the cooking or even though who tell the craziest story at dinner. We all have a role to play.

My role is the baker.

Every year, family members message me or flat-out ask for their favorite Christmas cookies to be made. I don’t mind, in fact, it gives me joy to share a platter of assorted Christmas cookies and watch them get gobbled up!

Plus, as the baker, I always have lots of cute Christmas cookies on hand for Christmas cookie exchanges as well and this list of easy holiday cookies has been a great resource for getting holiday ready on my end.

how many Cookies Go On a Holiday Cookie Platter?

This all depends on how many people are coming to the event! On average most people will nibble on 3-4 medium-sized cookies but if there are kids in the room bank on a few more per pint-sized human.

If you have leftovers, the host will likely be happy to have the leftovers!

How many Types of Cookies are On a Cookie Platter?

Again depends on the size of the Holiday Cookie Platters you plan to bring or how many people you are planning to serve. I like to have a variety of at least 5 choices on each platter for a platter that is serving 10 or more people.

I recommend having one butter cookie like shortbread, a sugar or decorated cookie recipe, one chocolate cookie option, and one fruit-filled option for color. Then add in some fudge, chocolates, or candies to fill in any gaps in the platter so that it looks full anywhere you look.

Tips For Storing Christmas Cookies

  • Make sure the cookies are completely cooled before storing them.
  • Store cookies in a tightly sealed container on the counter for up to 4 days. If the cookies have a cream filling, store them in the fridge for up to a week. Cookies that are to remain crispy though will soften in the fridge because of the added humidity. You may wish to consider assembling any cream-filled cookies just ahead of serving to maintain the texture.
  • Keep flavored cookies stored separately. Buttery cookies are fine to store in the same container but if you are also wishing to store chocolate, mint, ginger or anything that has a pronounced flavor or scent you will want to keep them in their own container.
  • Place parchment or wax paper between iced or jellied cookies if stacking so that they don’t stick together.
  • Most cookies freeze well. Once the cookies are completely cooled, place them in a tightly sealed container and freeze them. This way they will keep well for up to 3 months, they are quick and easy to thaw when you need them and you are less likely to eat them before you need them.

25 Easy Holiday Cookies and Treats

Below is the list of my favorite tasty Christmas cookies and treats to adorn your holiday cookie platters with this season. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Plate of raspberry thumbprint cookies
Overhead shot of 3 skor bit shortbread meltaways with some Christmas ornamments
Skor Bit Shortbread Meltaways
Skor Bits inside a shortbread batter that is so light these cookies just melt in your mouth…. guess that is why they are called Skor Shortbread Meltaway Cookies.
Check out this recipe
decorated gingerbread men of various sizes
Easiest Gingerbread Cookies
This Gingerbread Cookie recipe is foolproof and SO easy to make. Use this recipe for making gingerbread men, tree decorations or a cookie wreath. Delicious, festive and perfect for decorating.
Check out this recipe
Close up of a chocolate crinkle cookie with a bite taken out of it
Super Fudgey Chocolate Crinkle Cookies
These classic Chocolate Crinkle Cookies are super fudgy and rich and look great on a holiday cookie platter! Be sure to make a double batch because these cookies won’t last long!
Check out this recipe
white chocolate cherry cookies on a cookie sheet and one has a bite taken
White Chocolate Cranberry Cookies
Soft, chewy, flavorful cookies that are so pretty; studded with white chocolate chips and sweet dried red cranberries. A must-have for any holiday celebration!
Check out this recipe
Chocolate truffles spilling out of a white and blue teacup onto a white table and napkin
Out-Of-This-World Oreo Truffles
A decadent oreo cookie and cream cheese centre covered in a hard chocolate coating to give it a little crunch with every bite!
Check out this recipe
green Christmas wreath cookies on a cookie sheet
No Bake Christmas Wreath Cookies
These easy and delicious Christmas Wreath Cookies require no baking & few ingredients. Perfect to make with kids. Give them out as gifts or for dessert
Check out this recipe
A tall stack of ginger snap cookies with a glass of milk in the background
The Best Recipe For Gingersnap Cookies
This recipe for Gingersnap Cookies has been in my family for 100 years and was passed down to me from my Grandmother Hughena McFeeters. It is soft, chewy and full of that ginger molasses flavour gingersnaps are famous for.
Check out this recipe
A pile of Danish wedding cookies on a wood cutting board.
Danish Wedding Cookies
Made with butter, powdered sugar, and nuts this Danish Wedding Cookies recipe results in cookies with a tender, melt-in-your-mouth texture that’s just as lovely at weddings as it is on Christmas cookie platters!
Check out this recipe
Candy cane brownies stacked on a cooling rack with holiday decorations around.
Peppermint Brownies With Candy Cane Crackle
These brownies are made with chocolate chips not cocoa powder and then more chocolate chips melted together with peppermint extract and rippled throughout. Add some crushed candy canes for a crackly top and you have the best Peppermint Brownies ever!
Check out this recipe
Coconut Oatmeal Cookies
Buttery Oatmeal Raisin Coconut Lace Cookies
If you love coconut you are in for a treat on this twist to a traditional oatmeal raisin cookie. The coconut in this recipe gives these cookies a light lace-like texture that melts in your mouth.
Check out this recipe
white chocolate covered cookies with an almond butter centre
Ritz Cracker Christmas Cookies
A chocolate and almond butter lovers dream and the perfect combination of sweet and salty!
Check out this recipe
White cookies in a baking tray and some being iced
Eggnog Madeleines
Eggnog Madeleines are filled with eggnog and all the seasonal warm spices. Perfect for a holiday cookie platter!
Check out this recipe
Chocolate fudge dusted with cocoa powder on a dark background beside a small sieve
4-Ingredient Chocolate Fudge Recipes
A decadent chocolate fudge recipe made with only 4-ingredients with unlimited variations to make it all your own! Creamy rich fudge that is perfect for holiday parties or gifts for family and friends!
Check out this recipe
sugar cookies decorated as snowman faces
Christmas Snowman Sugar Cookies
These Christmas sugar cookies decorated like snowmen are delicious to bite into, with a sugary sweet buttercream topping and a soft-to-bite-into sugar cookie texture. They are the perfect cookie for a cookie swap or to leave out for Santa!
Check out this recipe
A Canadian Butter Tart on a white plate with a fork.
Canadian Butter Tart
Always a classic Canadian treat these Old Fashioned Butter Tarts are filled with a thick syrupy brown sugar filling inside a flaky tart shell. Raisins are optional but I highly recommend them!
Check out this recipe
Snickerdoodle cookie with a gooey caramel centre broken in half
Easy Caramel Filled Snickerdoodle Recipe
This Easy Snickerdoodle Recipe is like nothing before. Filled with gooey caramel and crisp cinnamon-sugar edges will make for all the smiles. A glass of milk will pair nicely with these treats!
Check out this recipe
Tray of peanut butter balls
Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls
Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls make the perfect finishing touch to any holiday cookie platter. Rich peanut butter filling with a little crunch for texture rolled into two-bite size balls and then dipped in chocolate.
Check out this recipe
A close up of shortbread cookies rimmed with green sugar crystals
The Best Shortbread Cookie Recipe
A classic shortbread cookie with their buttery taste and flaky texture they just melt in your mouth. This recipe is the Best Shortbread Cookie Recipe ever hands down.
Check out this recipe
Turtle cookies with chocolate drizzle all over them
Turtle Cookies
These Turtle Cookies feature a chocolate cookie base rolled in pecans then covered in melty caramel and topped with a chocolate drizzle. They’re bound to be a huge hit with anyone you share them with!
Check out this recipe
Almond butter toffee in a white wooden tray.
Almond Butter Toffee
Made with just 5 ingredients, this Almond Butter Toffee (Buttercrunch) is made with rich butter toffee laced with toasted almonds, between two layers of melted chocolate and even more almonds.
Check out this recipe
meringue cookies that have been made into reindeer faces
Reindeer Meringue Cookies
Reindeer Peppermint Chocolate Meringues are just the cutest. And the peppermint chocolate flavors are exactly right. And the airy meringue melts in your mouth. And so simple and easy to make.
Check out this recipe
Two date squares stacked on top of a beautiful antique saucer with a stunning gold rim
Classic Date Squares
Date squares are like a big hug from Grandma. They are sweet, comfort food treats that bring back memories of childhood for me. Soft chewy dates macerated down with brown sugar and vanilla and then sandwiched between two buttery flaky layers of oatmeal crumble. Yum!
Check out this recipe
Close up picture of a peanut butter bar stacked on a white napkin in front of a green and gold antique tea cup
Peanut Butter Crisps
These Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars are sweet, crispy and made with love and without any processed sugars. A great healthy treat for the holiday season and any time of the year!
Check out this recipe
Raspberry Linzer cookies with Christmas tree cutouts near a bowl of raspberry jam
Raspberry Litzer Cookies
These Linzer cookies use a simple shortbread cookie recipe and are filled with delicious raspberry jam. They definitely make a statement with the peekaboo cutout, and they will be a hit when you serve them for dessert!
Check out this recipe
orange raspberry swirl cookies on a white plate
Cranberry Orange Swirl Cookies
Cranberry Orange Swirl Cookies are pure deliciousness! This is a sugar cookie dough with added orange peel and a fresh cranberry and orange filling!
Check out this recipe
Oatmeal Christmas cookies on a platter.
Light and crunchy, these Scrunchies cookies will quickly become your favourite chocolate oatmeal cookies! They’re loaded up with everything but the kitchen sink – but require just 1 bowl to make!
Check out this recipe
pic of some polish jam cookies on red and white plates
Vegan Kolaczki
Vegan Kolaczki ~ These tasty little cookies are light and flaky and filled with an easy homemade almond apricot jam. They look fancy but are very easy to make! Perfect for dessert tables, gifting to family and friends, or nibbling while decorating and watching holiday movies.
Check out this recipe

Now that you have all the holiday cookies and treats you need to make the perfect Christmas cookie platter and then some.  Check out these other holiday dinner and cocktail recipes to finish off the holiday festivities!

Chickpea chocolate chip cookies on a cooling rack.
Triple Chocolate Chickpea Flour Cookies
Loaded with chocolatey goodness and made with gluten-free chickpea flour, these Triple Chocolate Chickpea Flour Cookies are easy to make and delicious.
Check out this recipe
Peppermint Mocha Christmas Cookies
Peppermint Mocha Cookies
These amazing peppermint mocha cookies are fudgy, minty, & chocolatey. A wonderful Christmas cookie dipped in candy melt & topped with candy canes.
Check out this recipe
Gingerbread crackle cookies stacked.
Gingerbread Crinkle Cookies
These easy and tasty gingerbread cookies are perfect for Christmas! They only require a few ingredients and the perfect cookie!
Check out this recipe
Holiday cookies that are chocolate and nutellla.
3-Ingredient Nutella Cookies
These three-ingredient Nutella cookies are the perfect way to end your dinner. They're easy to make, only take 25 minutes and a delicious, sugary treat!
Check out this recipe
Peanut butter cookies with a chocolate kiss in centre.
Peanut Butter Blossoms
These classic peanut butter blossoms are the best, a soft peanut butter cookie is coated in sugar and topped with a chocolate kiss!
Check out this recipe
Holiday cookies made with zucchini and chocolate chips
Zucchini Chocolate Chip Pecan Cookies
Zucchini chocolate chip pecan cookies are filled with crunchy pecans and rich chocolate chips – perfect for your next holiday cookie tray.
Check out this recipe
Easy Holiday snowflake cookies
Scandinavian Rosette Cookies
Not your typical Christmas Cookie, but Rosettes are a staple in many homes and a great family tradition if you are looking for something to make with your family.
Check out this recipe
Reindeer cookies for a christmas cookie platter.
Reindeer Linzer Cookies
Cuteness abounds with these unique Reindeer Linzer Cookies with their happy faces poking through.
Check out this recipe
Crescent cookies for the holidays on a plate.
These Austrian vanilla crescent cookies are soft tender cookies coated in a dusting of sugar.
Check out this recipe
Gingerbread biscotti on a plate.
Gingerbread Biscotti
Gingerbread Macadamia Biscotti is spicy gingerbread biscotti studded with macadamia nuts and dipped in white chocolate for the perfect holiday treat!
Check out this recipe
Christmas sugar cookies stacked to make a christmas tree.
Stacked Christmas Tree Sugar Cookies
Sweet sugar cookies are layered with green buttercream frosting and decorated with sprinkles to make Stacked Christmas Tree Sugar Cookies.
Check out this recipe
Dipped oreo cookies decorated for christmas
Christmas Oreos
Make these Christmas Oreos for a festive kid friendly family treat, beautiful homemade gift or as part of a Christmas spread. Christmas Oreos are the perfect no bake Christmas cookie. Simply melt some chocolate, dip your Oreo and decorate!
Check out this recipe
Greek snowball cookies on a plate.
Kourabiedes (Greek Butter Cookies)
This recipe for Kourabiedes is a family favourite producing the most delicious traditional Greek butter cookies. Easy to make, studded with roasted almonds and always a favorite during the Christmas season, although they are also enjoyed year-round too!
Check out this recipe

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