Soft Ginger Snap Cookies – A Family Heirloom!


These Ginger Snap Cookies are my families favourite cookie and a recipe I have had friends hounding me to get for years.  Why years… because I refused to share it until now!

This recipe has been passed down in my family for over 100 years.  Soft, chewy and full of flavour – they are in my opinion the best cookies ever! They aren’t necessarily a Christmas cookie only but I try to only make them occasionally because having them in the house means well …. waistline trauma!

A tall stack of ginger snap cookies with a glass of milk in the background

I am actually torn about sharing this recipe to be honest because I have held this recipe so close to my heart for so many years.  I think at one point I said to my son the only way his wife will ever get this recipe is if I “like” her.  Joking of course… or was I?

One of my best days was years ago when I visited my Grandmother McFeeter’s.  We planned a day to spend together so she could teach me all of her best baking recipes and share with me hands on all of her tips and tricks.

When I arrived, she gave me recipe cards with her recipes all written out for me.  It must have taken her all week to prepare.  I am honored to say the least.  It was a very special day for me and I think her as well.  To be honest thinking of this day brings a tear to my eye because I was so lucky to spend time with her learning all of her tips and tricks.