Herbed Honey Baked Turkey Breast

“Seasoned with fresh herbs, honey, and butter, this Herbed Honey Baked Turkey Breast is juicy, flavourful, and easy to make. It’s perfect for both casual weeknight dinners and the holidays!”

- The Delicious Spoon


key ingredient:


– bone-in turkey breast – butter – honey – white wine – sprigs fresh rosemary – cloves garlic – fresh thyme; finely chopped – fresh sage; finely chopped – black pepper


Herbed Honey Baked Turkey Breast


6 Servings



prep time

15 Minutes


North American, Thanksgiving

1. In a medium saucepan, combine rosemary, butter, honey, white wine, whole garlic clove quartered, half the sage and half the thyme. gently simmer for 3-5 minutes, allowing the flavour from the herbs to infuse into the sauce. Remove and keep the sprig of rosemary.


2. Strain the mixture through a small sieve.  Add the strained mixture to a meat injector and inject 1/3 of the juices into the turkey breasts.


3. Drizzle another 1/3 of the mixture on top of the breast. Season with pepper. I do not use salt because it can draw out some of the moisture of the turkey and it really doesn't need it. If you don't have an injector, just pour about 1/2 of the mixture on the breast and then season with a sprinkle of pepper as well as the remaining sage and thyme. Place the sprig of rosemary across the top of each breast.


4. Place in an oven preheated to 325°F. It should take about 45 minutes depending on your oven s keep an eye on it. At about 30 minutes baste the turkey with the honey mixture and place it back in the oven. Baste it again about 5 minutes before it is ready. It is ready when the internal temperature in the meatiest section has reached a temperature of 160°F.


5. When cooked to temperature, remove the turkey from the oven and tent the turkey breast with foil for 15 minutes. Serve sliced on an angle.


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