Holiday Popcorn With White Chocolate

The Delicious Spoon

Holiday Popcorn with white chocolate is a staple in most homes during the festive season, and this recipe won’t disappoint you. Made in just 15 minutes and requiring only a few ingredients it is the perfect sweet treat to enjoy with your family, or gift it to friends!

- The Delicious Spoon

White  Chocolate Chips

Key Ingredient

sIimple ngredients

– popcorn kernels – coconut oil – white chocolate chips – salt – coconut oil – M&Ms or dark chocolate chunks – red and green sprinkles

1. Pop your kernels – Place a large pot on the stovetop on high heat and add your popcorn kernels and coconut oil. Remove from the heat as soon as popping subsides.

Prep the Popcorn

2. Separate out any unpoped kernels – The last thing you want is to crunch down on a hard kernel! Place the popped popcorn in a large bowl.


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