Potato Salad With Spring Onion

The Delicious Spoon

A Potato Salad with Spring Onion Recipe that’s creamy and tangy without the use of any mayo.  This recipe is easy to whip up and makes enough to bring to a party or to have as a side dish throughout the week.  The creamy texture this salad is known for is made by using chopped boiled eggs instead of heaps of mayo.

- The Delicious Spoon

Key Ingredient

Green Onions

1. Peel and quarter 6 large or 8 medium white or yellow potatoes.

Prep the Potatoes

2. Fill a large pot of water half way full and add 1 tsp of salt and bring to a boil. Add potatoes and cover pot with lid leaving a little space for steam to leave. Continue to boil until potatoes are soft enough for a fork to be inserted in the centre easily.


3. Carefully drain water from pot and refill with cold water to quickly cool down potatoes


4. While potatoes are boiling in a small pot add 4 large eggs and bring to just before a boil. Remove from heat and let sit covered for 12 minutes. Drain water and then refill pot with cold water to cool eggs. Once cool peel and chop.

Cook the Eggs

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