Judgement is Simply Unnecessary


You see were are all on our own journey in almost everything we do, dancing, cooking, work, starting a new health and fitness lifestyle …. you get the picture

We all need to start somewhere and some of us may be further down the learning path than others too.

To start something new and be a beginner requires practice and time to improve and master the skill. For those hitting the dance floor, joining a cooking class, learning a new language or stepping foot in a gym for the first time it requires bravery too. Why? Fear of being judged by onlookers mostly. Let’s face it who wants to look like Elaine from Seinfeld but it could happen. And that is perfectly ok and expected…. we all need to start somewhere.

But conversely those people who are further down their path in mastering a skill don’t deserve judgement either. Those people in the gym who are lifting heavy, doing some crazy HIIT workout on the treadmill or dancing their stress away with some flair and having fun in Zumba or showing off their knife skills in the cooking class. They are just further down the path then you perhaps and started in the exact same place where you may find yourself now at the start of a journey.

Stop the eye rolling, snickering and judging. We are all on our own paths and we have no idea what bravery and effort it took for that person to get to the start or middle of their journey.

Spoiler alert… the journey to learning never ends.

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