Beachbody On Demand All Access Bundle

Beachbody All Access Challenge PackThe Annual All-Access Beachbody On Demand Challenge Pack & Membership provides total access to every program available on Beachbody ON Demand, plus future releases.

So that means that every single program Beachbody has ever created from P90X, Turbofire, Insanity, 10 Minute Trainer to new ones like Cize, T25, 22 Minute Hard Corps, Hammer and Chisel, Insanity Max30, 21 Day Fix and Fix Extreme, Core De Force and more are on a digital library you can access plus anything new that Beachbody releases you get INSTANT access at no additional charge for an entire 12 months. That is incredible!!!!



  • Exercise tips that will help you burn more fat and spend less time working out! You can either do your own program or I can help you choose a program with an easy to follow schedule so you know exactly WHAT to do and WHEN to do it.
  • A meal plan that incorporates low carb, moderate protein, and high fat foods with simple recipes to help keep you on track even when you’re busy.
  • Tips from me on how I lost 90 pounds and have kept it off for 8 years.
  • The support and accountability from other women struggling with the same issues as you.
  • Access to a private app that includes a daily check-in to help you stay motivated and on track.
  • Continued support from me even once the challenge is over so we can work on reaching your health and fitness goals together!

Will I get results?

Check out some of my past challenger’s before – after photos:

One Month Pics:

This is me … What a difference one year can make in your life!

I will be honest I did start my journey with a holistic nutritionist for the first 3 months and lost 15 lbs but it was tough to keep off because the diet was very restrictive and every time I strayed by even a microscopic bit I was up 1-2 lbs overnight.  I do thank her for her help but I needed something I could live with for the long haul.

Then I got started with Beachbody.  It was not the first time I had done a Beach body program.  I had done Chalene Extreme in the past but did not have any support and did not follow the nutrition plan at all so it didn’t stick.  This time was different.  I went all in and made the commitment.  I participated in my Accountability Group, followed the portion control containers plan and drank my Shakeology.

I have never felt hungry, feel like I am in more control of my day because I can always find a 1/2 hour to get a workout in on my schedule not a gyms and my weight is under control.


  • you want to lose weight without dieting or deprivation.
  • you want a clear step-by-step system for long-lasting and life-changing results.
  • you struggle with emotional eating, binge eating, overeating, or body image issues.
  • you know what to do to lose weight, but you’re still not doing it.
  • you’ve lost weight in the past, but just can’t seem to keep it off.

If you’re looking for a fast fix or the latest fad diet, this is NOT the program for you. But if you want lasting weight loss, a healthy lifestyle, and freedom from your food demons – if you’re ready to get REAL about your weight issues – I can help!

If you are ready to make a commitment and get started don’t keep playing the same records like the following favourite hits we have all heard before:

  • I have no money right now
  • It isn’t the right time for me
  • I will start next month
  • Nothing ever works

I am here to support you in your journey and I have a private group of people in an Accountability Group online all on the same road.  Just complete the following form and I will be in touch…. You can do this!


or email me directly at to chat!




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